Counseling is…
A learning relationship
A timeout for positive focus
A path to a broader perspective
What you can do for yourself through the help of another
The ability to become more of your self
The opportunity to bring the best of you to light

Our counseling philosophy is…
We believe in the resilience of the human spirit and in the innate ability of individuals to learn and heal.
We believe individuals have the capacity to reprocess experiences so new insights and behaviors emerge.
We believe that our skill in the use of the most effective and proven therapeutic methods uniquely position us to alleviate suffering and promote personal transformation.
We believe that growth and learning, on our own part, as well as that of our clients are essential to living.

We offer a wealth of experience and depth of skill in individual, couples, and group counseling.
Let us help you with…
Post Traumatic Stress
Anxiety and Fear
Relationship Issues
Grief and Loss
Caregiver Stress
Dilemmas in Decision-making
Disturbing Memories and Behaviors
Performance Enhancement
Personal and Career Development

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