Leadership Development

Our experience and customer feedback indicate that individuals who have been energized by this program have infused their organizations with the following:

  • Role model principle-based leadership
  • Active learning utilization as a feedback and management tool.
  • Immediate traction on a system-wide organization challenge with accountability for short term, visible results.
  • Active engagement of employees or direct reports in the urgency of driving performance.
  • Commitment to finding and developing high level talent as a strategic business practice.

Unique to this program is the design and delivery of this workshop. We encourage leaders to teach what they need to learn. Working in concert with Cognova consultants, top leaders take the leadership challenge by modeling commitment to their own development when they deliver the entire program to their teams and organizations..

Through this process they marshal the energy of participants to collaborate, innovate and achieve results. Participants become self-aware, and aware of the impact they have on others. Additionally, they learn to alter their behavior according to their awareness and the situation..

This comprehensive development opportunity is designed for mid-level managers and senior leaders. The workshop is organized in modules: Principle-Based Leadership, Learning and Decision Making, Dynamic Organizations and Change Readiness, Driving Performance, and Talent Building. The key elements of this program and this model are study, teach, practice, debrief.

This program is versatile and it can be delivered as a complete package or in units.. The program is often customized to fit specific departmental needs within a company or even across industries and industry segments.

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